JCP-related sub-project activities are organized by the partner organization with support from the Netherland Embassy and Planning Commission of GED in Bangladesh. The subprojects were undertaken based on an approved research proposal from each of the partner agencies. Each research proposal or project is based on a knowledge question identified by the ‘knowledge client’ mostly a government counterpart from the Bangladesh side. The aim of the research is, to develop new knowledge utilizing existing information, expert opinions, local and international experiences with close involvement of the knowledge client in the design of the research, in order to ensure that the research result helps answer the question. JCP also focuses on training and capacity development by exchange and learning within and between the organizations. Management is done through the Senior Management Team, which meets twice a year, and which is supported by the OMT, the Operational Management Team, consisting of representatives of all 4 organizations, who are responsible for a major area of the project management, communication, and outreach, research and knowledge development, and training and capacity development.