Knowledge key question:

Will we have enough water for future food production?

Brief on Make it Real (Water Food Nexus)

The climate is changing and water resources are becoming more unpredictable under the current climate change scenarios. Bangladesh has a fast-growing population with a fast increasing need for food. Water food nexus-Make it real focuses the integration between water availability and food production. The impact of this project is to establish the current and future interrelated water and food needs with climate change, land use change and transformation. Food demand is directly related to food production, which in its turn is related to agriculture’s demand for water. For the impact to achieve implementation conduct by the WUR, with support from CEGIS. Other group and beneficiaries are policy makers, government organizations, donor agencies, private sector, civil society as- DAE, BADC, BWDB, NARS organizations and Farmers.

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Research Report/ Update of Make it Real (Water Food Nexus)