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What is Climate Smart Polder?

Brief on Polders of the Future

Water related infrastructure has a life span of 30 to 60 years or even more. Preparing for the future, therefore entails a careful consideration of the design of infrastructure in light of change in circumstances (climate change, salinity) and use of the infrastructure (agriculture, fish, boat). Polders of the Future sub project process on innovation of planning and design of regulators for   better water management and farm practices for improved polder livelihood. The aim of this project is to plan for and design an eco-friendly and innovative regulator, taking into account the optimal agricultural parameters for water management, in order to improve livelihood, restore eco system based services and improved operation and maintenance In this regards, improved water management system has been designed at Polder-40/1 in Patharghata upazila under Barguna district. Moreover, existing MS gates are being redesigned using Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) which will be manufactured and installed under this project in 2022.

Improved water management system is designed considering climate change impact through remodelling of the existing regulators, construction of new regulators, and excavation of drainage khals and dredging of peripheral river. At present, about 35% area of Polder 40/1 become flooded during extreme rainfall event. About 90% area will be flooded in 2050 due to climate change impact. However, improved water management system designed under this study will reduce the flooding situation from 90% to 13%. Moreover, it will significantly improve the agricultural and fisheries production and restore eco-system services. Composite gate (FRP) designed in this study consists three structural components including fibre, resin and core material which is significantly lighter and durable than MS gate. Installation of FRP gate in the place of MS gate will improve polder drainage condition and reduce operation and maintenance cost of the regulator.

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