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Brief on Information for Impact

The Knowledge and Information Portal was developed during preparation of the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 to provide information services to support planners and decision makers in participatory and interactive planning and decision-making processes. Number of knowledge-based tools were developed under the BDP2100 to support planning, decision making and the implementation process for Sustainable Delta Management. The knowledge information app is to make the Bangladesh Delta Plan information accessible to a wide range of users to facilitate information and knowledge services using smartphone. It is delivered location-specific information that is support planning and decision making in line with the activities of Adaptive Delta Management. The app information is grouped into different thematic areas such as Delta Plan 2100, Water Resources, Agriculture, Environment & Disaster, Socio-Economic, Spatial Planning & Landuse, and Climate. Moreover, the app can present information as a map, chart, table, and text format. The obtained info can be sent via social network. The app will deliver location specific information about water availability, temperature, flood risk, soil parameters, crops, agricultural practices, and also spatial planning and climate risk and vulnerability related information. The app will further demonstrate the potential of using the information services which will strengthen or facilitate the BDP implementation. Presently, the App development is in a progress. The test version already deployed in Google Play Store in February. Revise app functionality, data integration and design of app is continuously updating.

The project ‘Information for Impact’, is led by CEGIS, and supported by the WUR. This project aims to design and to develop a mobile based application with a platform to provide location-based information services that will support planning and decision making in line with the activities of Adaptive Delta Management. The main objective of sub-project ‘Information for Impact’, is to design and develop a mobile app to provide location based information related to BDP while using the knowledge portal. This will support planning and decision making in line with the activities of adaptive delta management. Information and knowledge services will be provided using smart phone. The Joint Cooperation Program (JCP) is a long-term knowledge sharing and capacity building program between Center for Environmental and Geographic Information Services (CEGIS), Institute of Water Modeling (IWM), Bangldesh, Deltares and Wageningen University & Research, Netherlands funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN) in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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Research Report/ Update of Information for Impact

Knowledge App Demonstration

Making Delta Knowledge Accessible – Joint Cooperation Programme Bangladesh – The Netherlands developed a Knowledge app for the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100.