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Is Innovative model for iterative development open for all end-users to provide input?

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Brief on Bangladesh Meta Model

The main objective of the Metamodel is to support adaptive delta planning (IWRM and ICZM) by key stakeholders such as the General Economics Division, Ministry of Water Resources and others in investment planning and integrated assessment. The Bangladesh Meta model is developed in close collaboration with the project “Support to the Implementation of the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 (SIBDP2100)”, which will provide advisory support to the GED. The Bangladesh Metamodel will be developed to support the formulation, analysis and evaluation of alternative projects and programs. Another important objective of the programme is to build capacity at different agencies in Bangladesh for developing, using and owning the Metamodel, and develop a structure to embed its maintenance and operation in an effective way.

BDP Metamodel Data and Dashboard

SL. No Title Document Dashboard
1 SIBDP Program Manager Data Dashboard
2 Network module dashboard Data Dashboard
3 Main Dashboard Dashboard