In the Joint Cooperation Programme (JCP), IWM, CEGIS, WUR and Deltares as partner organizations, work together to answer upcoming questions related to BDP2100. During the last 4 years, JCP worked with various partners on applied research projects. Towards the end of the programme, JCP organized the Delta Knowledge Days, 17-18 September 2022. The objective of the Delta Knowledge Days is to share knowledge and insights. Almost 300 participant took part in this 2 days conference. People from high level policy makers, like government officials, Ministry people attend the conference. There are also academicians from different University, researchers, students attend the conference. The approach of the conference was to create platforms for sharing, and to do so in an inclusive manner. Practitioners, scientists and policy makers that can contribute, but were not necessarily part of the JCP set-up, are explicitly also invited to join. For more details please go to the link :