Under Pillar 2 of JCP, the Bangladesh Metamodel (BMM)-an operational decision-support tool is being developed. The BMM will aid the formulation, analysis and evaluation of alternative projects and programs for the implementation of BDP2100. The BMM will help apply adaptive delta planning (IWRM and ICZM) by key stakeholders such as the General Economics Division (GED), Ministry of Water Resources (MoWR) and concerned agencies in investment planning and integrated assessment. Another important objective of the programme is to build capacity at different agencies in Bangladesh for developing, using and owning the Metamodel, and develop a structure to embed its maintenance and operation in an effective way. The BMM is developed in close collaboration with the project “Support to the Implementation of the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 (SIBDP2100)”.
Additionally, the research results from the sub-projects under Pillar 1 of JCP would provide data and information which would contribute to the preparation of adaptive basin management plans and programmes of SIBDP2100.