Brief on JCP

Joint Cooperation Programme Bangladesh – the Netherlands, a 4 year program between Bangladesh and the Netherlands. The program will be implemented by the four institutes CEGIS, IWM, WUR and Deltares. The knowledge developed in JCP is addressing major technical, environmental and governance challenges that lay ahead for the country located in one of the biggest and most vulnerable deltas in the world.

The general objective of the JCP is to carry out a long-term knowledge sharing and capacity building programme between Bangladeshi and Dutch institutes in the water sector. The goal is to increase the knowledge base of all the institutes involved and to strengthen the capacity of institutes in Bangladesh to plan, develop and manage their (marine and fresh) water resources systems. The capacities targeted under JCP include water system knowledge, data management, decision-support and impact forecasting, but also the capacity for cooperation, institutional development and governance within Bangladesh and with Dutch water knowledge institutions. Achieving these goals will support the contribution that the Netherlands water sector can make to Bangladesh, with direct benefits in on-going Programmes.